back to colonial times

In this economy many people are loosing their jobs.  Even though Chip still has his we discuss the chance that he could potentially loose it at any time.  So after hanging up the phone with Chip, Samantha asks what we were talking about and in not so many words I try to explain the world and our life.  Well her solution is that we turn off the electricity and give back all of our “stuff” and live like colonials did.  She truly thought this would work and that others would follow.  Meanwhile Sean is on the sidelines saying how boring it would be….what about toys.  Samantha tells him he would have to learn to sew.  I pipe in and say how Samantha and I would have a great time sewing, reading and baking bread at the fireplace we don’t have (lots of laughs).  Sean says it wouldn’t be fun because the boys did all the hunting and guns cost thousands of dollars and what would he play with???  The entire conversation was really funny and I had to explain that no one was going to go along with it no matter how bad things got.


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