First tooth

Sean lost his first tooth on Monday night.  He woke up on Saturday morning and was beside himself with his first loose tooth.  He wiggled and wiggled it. He even let me do it side to side to really get it loose.  I thought it would be out that same night but it held out until Monday night when I was letting them “play” upstairs and all of a sudden Sean comes down crying like he broke his arm.  The tooth was out and there was blood (not as bad as they thought it was-not even dripping).  He was crying, “I wanted the whole thing!!!” OMG what is he talking about???  The part that is in your gum is not even on all sides and for Sean one side was long and one side was short.  He thought Samantha broke it.  It was whole….but I should add he came down crying Samantha punched him.  That is how the tooth fell out.  I later learned it was an accident and not punched out but more of a smack/grab.  Very non intentional and was easily resolved by me shooting pics.

Sean was shocked it came out and was hoping for a big $20 from the tooth fairy.  Chip thought that was insane and reminded me that at one point in time I thought so too.  Samantha had only gotten $5.  So in the end the tooth fairy brought Sean $6 (he is 6 and sam was 5)  He was thrilled and never mentioned the hopes for the $20 again!

Might I also add that he was still awake in bed when Daddy came home and I had sent Chip up to see and here about the tooth.  Chip came down repeating how Sean kept saying, “can you believe it?” at least 5 times.

Ahhh memories.  🙂


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