Monthly Archives: September 2012


This week my children are going to experience death first hand.  They pretty much have been sheltered from it their entire lives so far.  Franny/Grampa called this morning to talk to Chip and since he was at basketball with Sean he spoke with me and told me that Grammie would be dying probably tomorrow.  She is in a coma and her body is shutting down.  I won’t go into the details right now but this all started the weekend of October 21 when they came here for family photo weekend and Grammie fell.  She appeared to be fine but by Monday night that was no longer the case.

I went right over and told Samantha what was happening and of course she cries and we talked about it.  Her biggest thought was how Sean hugged Grammie at Thanksgiving when we saw her in the nursing home.  That was the last time the kids and I saw her.  If you knew Sean at all in the past 6 years, he did not hug anyone but me.  Maybe Samantha once in a while but that was it.  Then this Fall something changed and I found hime one day snuggling daddy on the couch.  Since then he hugs everyone he should.

Sean I don’t think completely gets death as when I told him he was sad, hugged me and told me it was sad but then wanted to show me something with his chess game.

we shall see what the week brings…..